Make Coffee Not Systems

I am a systems guy. I am naturally inclined to make systems out of processes to create consistency, efficiency and ease. But as I've started roasting coffee that I know really well on the Diedrich, I'm beginning to question coffee-roasting systems. The reason why is because a system, a tight...

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Diedrich IR-3

We have a new roaster at Mocha Joe's. It's a Diedrich IR-3. The machine is 10-12 years old. We installed it early August. It took a couple tries to get the venting right. We had to link it with the hot air venting from the Probat before the venting goes...

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Coffee Smells

Developmental events can be experienced through smelling coffee as it roasts. It takes a lot of time, but eventually you can recognize smells which help you to know the development of the roast while it’s in the roaster. And being able to do that is the key to being a...

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Beginning a Profile

This is my current process for finding a profile for a new coffee. One that I do not know: I consider where the bean came from. I consider what kind of processing it underwent. I consider what my purpose is for this bean. Once I can answer those questions, I then select...

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Roasting Process Definitions

I'd like to lay out some definitions, terms and clarifications so that we are all on the same page. Roasting Process. There are different ways to talk about the phases of the roasting process. Though the terms I'm going to use have been the traditional ones, there are now more...

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