Mocha Joe’s began working with Unidad Agricultural Campesina – Carmen Pampa during the 2016 harvest season. An agricultural university tucked into the valleys of Northwestern Bolivia, UAC – Carmen Pampa is working with Mocha Joe’s to debut its coffee in US markets. UAC’s crop is entirely hand-picked and hand-processed, yielding a small quantity of extremely high quality coffee.

In 2006, USAID granted the University equipment to increase its coffee production; however, the technology was poorly scaled, and the business model did not generate the income they had hoped. Most of the machines sit unused on the University campus - an unfortunately common byproduct of international aid. In addition to purchasing the UAC’s coffee, Mocha Joe’s is working with University staff and the Carmen Pampa Foundation to help scale their production sustainably and re-establish coffee production as an economically viable option for the community.