Direct Alternative

Mocha Joe’s Roasting Company is committed to bringing you the finest specialty coffees available. We believe that the key factor in producing these specialty coffees is a sustainable economic relationship that allows farmers to both meet their basic needs and work towards the betterment of their lives. 

Mocha Joe's Direct Alternative coffees are produced through long-term partnerships with farmers and mills. We aren't just buyers - we work with producers to co-create coffees that improve economic outcomes, reduce environmental stress, and delight our taste buds. In short, we don't just buy great coffees - we help farmers build them, from the ground up.

Our Producers

Mocha Joe's Organic Growers - Oku, Cameroon

Our flagship direct trade program, Mocha Joe’s has been working directly with farmers in Northwest Cameroon since 2009. Through our efforts, we have been able to return thousands of dollars in organic and specialty quality premiums to the growers and sorters, as well as provide access to capital and infrastructure improvements in the region.



Finca Monte Negro - Concepción Las Minas, Guatemala

Concepcion Las Minas is a municipality in Eastern Guatemala, which was mined by a transnational mining corporation from 1967 to 1973. After the mining company left, and the land began to recover, Rene Bezas established Finca Monte Negro, a 15 hectare coffee plantation. In addition to purchasing Rene’s production, Mocha Joe’s works with him on improved harvesting and processing techniques.