Mocha Joe's in Asia

Mocha Joe's is so excited to have partnerships in Japan and South Korea!  Now our great coffee is indeed world wide!!

Mocha Joe's has teamed up with Forest in the Boat Holding Company to bring some of our finest direct trade coffees to Japan and Korea.  How did this happen?

In 2014, a senior from The Putney School approached Pierre about specialty grade organic bottled coffee drinks. This young man, Juno Lee, was transitioning away from an ice cream brand he had been working on with some friends. As he began speaking with Pierre, he grew excited about the specialty coffee industry.

Juno was heading to St. Andrews in Scotland to attend University, but wanted to stay in touch with the world of coffee. He reached out to friends and family in Korea and Japan and found people very interested in our Cameroon and Sumatran coffees in particular. Before he left the country, he had assisted in setting up these relationships and become Mocha Joe's head of New Business Development.

Today, Mocha Joe's coffee is sold at: Keats Hotel in Seoul, Korea (2015) htt://keatshotel.com/

Superfood Keats, Tokyo, Japan (2016)

Cafe Select, Tokyo, Japan (2016)

Mr Hashitani is our partner and Japan Representative in Japan and recently opened Cafe Select in Tokyo. The cafe roasts Mocha Joe's Growers' Cameroon Oku and offers it as drip coffee


Cafe Select